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CTF ILLINOIS is excited to announce that we have been approved through DHS to provide virtual day programming supports under 31V billing. With 31V in place, we are not only able to keep program options open during a difficult economic climate, but, more importantly, we are able to offer a safe learning environment for those we support so they're able to continue day services. 

In order to maximize the online learning environment, virtual classes will be offered through a structured schedule with a curriculum that more closely mirrors typical day program groups. All classes will be led by knowledgeable facilitators.

With both live and pre-recorded options, you are sure to find something perfect for you. 

Live Format Options

Missing your friends and day program? Hop onto Zoom, connect with your friends, and take part in our classes from the comfort - and safety - of your home. 

We have Live format class options available for every person we support: 

Click here to sign up for Live, Virtual Classes!

Pre-Recorded Art Classes

Grab your supplies and join Jenny from The Painted Turtle as she leads you through a pre-recorded art project. This is available to anyone who enjoys art!

Click on the link below for instructions on how to signup for The Painted Turtle's YouTube page, which will feature 3 new art project videos per week:

The Painted Turtle YouTube Page Signup


If you have questions regarding virtual classes, please email us at

Click the image below for Instructions on how to Sign Up for Virtual Classes:

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