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What We Do

RISE: Realizing Integration by Supporting Employment

What is RISE?

RISE provides people with diverse abilities the support and training necessary to obtain employment within the community.

Why should I consider a partnership?

Not only do our services help people with disabilities obtain employment, but our partnerships create distinct benefits for employers. By hiring people from our program, you will be hiring dedicated, loyal, reliable, and trained employees. Further, by hiring a person with a disability, your business could qualify for a tax credit.

How can I become a partner of RISE?

If your business would like to partner with us, please contact the RISE Community Employment Services Department. Together, we can form a lasting partnership that helps you achieve your business goals while helping people with disabilities realize greater independence through employment. 


For more information on how you can partner with RISE, please contact:

- Mark Goryl, Director of Employment, at (708) 429-1260 ext. 3901 or or
- Teresa Ross, Associate Director at (708) 429-1260 ext.3902 or

Our Partners