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What We Do

While it is always our goal to give people the tools and skills necessary to learn how to self-advocate, we understand that advocacy is also a responsibility of our organization and our staff members. Part of our efforts to advocate for those we support is by offering comprehensive case management services. CTF Illinois delivers case management services to over 500 individuals within its residential, vocational, and home-based programs. Case Managers are responsible to advocate for the support and care an individual receives by focusing on the individual's choices and goals.

Case Managers link every person served to an individualized medical, therapeutic, social, and educational-based service plan. They employ a person-centered planning approach to ensure the individual's voice and choice is present throughout all programming, and utilize the treatment recommendations from physicians, nurses, dietitians, speech, occupational, and physical therapists to develop quality, comprehensive programming.

For more information on Case Management services, call (708) 429-1260.

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