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What We Do

The TAP Service Center at CTF ILLINOIS provides residential, counseling, therapy services, day training, and community outreach/advocacy services and support to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Programs offered at the TAP Service Center at CTF ILLINOIS:

  • Family & Community Resource Room located both in Charleston and Olney, Illinois
  • Early Intervention Provider Training
  • Childcare Provider Training
  • First Responder Training
  • Physician Training
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Food & Nutrition-Related Consultations
  • Monthly Support Groups
  • Monthly Teacher/Professional Network
  • Teen Network
  • Family Nights
  • Play Groups for Children Under 3
  • New Diagnosis Family Orientation
  • Family Focus Consultation


TAP Newsletters

Additional published articles:
Article in the Mattoon Journal Gazette-Times Courier about The Autism Program at CTF ILLINOIS and Sibshop.

Article in the Mattoon Journal Gazette-Times Courier about World Autism Day at the Illinois State Capitol.

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