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What We Do

CTF Illinois' Advocacy Center isĀ located in Charleston, IL and offers individuals the ability to provide leadership, training, and advocacy for other people with intellectual and development disabilities while raising their voices as advocates in their communities, region, and state.

Individuals at CTF Illinois are encouraged to participate in their own self-advocacy and are active members of The Illinois Self-Advocacy Alliance, Illinois Imagines, and SACIS. Individuals also participate in Self Advocates Conferences, and the Speak Up and Speak Out Summits, as well as various rallies throughout the State. They further utilize their advocacy skills by holding monthly group meetings focusing on ways to develop and implement improved programs and activities for all participants at CTF Illinois.

Individuals coordinate advocacy efforts through established partners while also creating and utilizing their own resources for research, information sharing, workshops, training and outreach. Individuals learn to use a variety of tools in their advocacy efforts such as social technology, newsletters, letter writing, videos, photos, radio and podcasts. The Advocacy Center is a place where people learn and use their voice to raise awareness on the issues of people with disabilities.

If you would like more information about the Advocacy Center and the Advocates, please callĀ (217) 345-1301

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