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About Us


At CTF Illinois, we understand that every person who enters our program comes to us with unique characteristics, needs, and desires. We are dedicated to providing high-quality programming to those we serve through a person-centered approach, grounded in our appreciation of individuality. Our mission, vision, and core values were written to reflect our promise to serve each individual according to their unique needs so they each may achieve their own optimal levels of independence and success.

CTF Illinois Mission Statement

Empowering each person we support to live the life they want to live.

CTF Illinois Vision Statement

Creating a culture where people are not defined by their differences but recognized for the value they bring their communities.

CTF Illinois operates on the following Core Values:

• Your CHOICE, our goal

• Optimize resources with great RESPONSIBILITY and INTEGRITY

• Foster a culture of RESPECT through open communication and thoughtful action

• Create a place to LEARN with room to GROW

• ENJOY what you do and share that PASSION with others

• Strive to find ways to CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE

• Embrace COLLABORATION to create extraordinary achievements

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