What is ACCESS?

ACCESS Psychological Services is a behavioral health treatment program offering a variety of services to adults seeking evidence-based interventions with mental health disorders. Services inclue:

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
    • On-site skills training groups and on-site "after-hours" social and recreational activities
  • Therapy/Counseling
    • Office-based counseling/therapy and individual skills training
  • Community Support
    • Community-based skills training and skills rehearsal groups; community-based individual skills training and case management for accessing housing, entitlements, mental health and medical care; and on-site curriculum-based training programs
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Readiness training
    • Community-based vocational training and rehearsal and on-site curriculum-based training programs

Treatment is client-centered and recovery focused. Working together with a master's level Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP), individuals develop his/her own unique Individual Recovery Plan.   

For more information, please call (708)825-1986.